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WWW Winner:

There are some places that are so well known for their excellent food and wine that people around the world ask you if you have ever been there immediately after they hear where you are from.

This week's Winning Weekly Wine Whore (WWW) Photo depicts a group of wine lovers enjoying one such place established over 50 years ago in my own backyard. Bern's Steakhouse is an attraction every wine lover or foodie must visit (after inviting me to join, of course) in Tampa, FL.

Home to a 6,500 label wine collection proudly earning the Wine Spectator Grand Award, Bern�s is the perfect place to satisfy your craving for an outstanding meal accompanied by a bottle (or ten) of wine. The above photo depicts the group enjoying everything "from 1992 Hanzell Chardonnay to 1980 Ridge York Creek Petite Sirah to 1969 Souverain to 1910 Madeira to 1850 Madeira...life's rich pageant of food & wine pairing."

My advice: leave room for the dessert room.

It is a whole different dining experience. Literally! They actually move you to a completely separate section of the restaurant and seat you in a new table. It's like going out for two separate meals in one night. Between the eclectic atmosphere, extravagant wine list, and delectable culinary selection, Bern's is a dinning experience, or two, like none other. The photo above shows the crew from SUNBOX eleven Winery enjoying this magnificent dessert room.

This week's runner up:

Great minds think alike!

This week's second place comes from a couple from my home state of Florida with their wine loving friends on a "priceless" trip to Napa Valley. Main destination: the famous Sterling Vineyards. Here they tasted all of the various reds and whites but ultimately choose to take home a bottle of the Sterling Vineyards Reserve 2005 Chardonnay. The amusing part of this story for me is the fact that I made the same trip not too long ago and have the very same bottle stored in my wine fridge at home to prove it.

Don't forget to send in your pictures to be included in next week's post!

Thank you Sunny, Tom, and everyone else who participated by sharing your stories, amazing photographs, and love for great wine!

Also check out SUNBOX Eleven Winery and Tom's aptly titled frugal wine site, Frugal Wine Review.


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