Changing the World One Bottle at a Time

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Wine Whore News:

Thanks to all of your support, 'The Wine Whore' is a member of the century club: 100 bottles of wine received for review over the last three months. Make sure to pass on news of this awesome press about my 'cause':

During tough economic times, one website has the solution. In exchange for free wine samples, Randy Watson provides publicity for wineries and entertainment for wine drinkers. 100 bottles of free wine later, the site is getting massive attention.

Tampa, FL, April 11, 2009 --(PR.com)� When Randy Watson embarked on his creative wine venture, he never dreamed it would be possible to have too many bottles waiting for him to drink. Only three months after the release of his wine website �The Wine Whore� (www.winewhorin.com) he has received over 100 bottles of wine from 30 different wineries. �I never dreamed it would be this big� he says as he accepts delivery of another shipment, the eighth one in only five days.

Why are wineries voluntarily sending him free bottles of wine? In exchange for free bottles, his website features reviews of the wines he receives. This trade provides ultra-cheap publicity for wineries, retailers, and distributors, while also being informative and entertaining for other wine drinkers. This site is creating quite a buzz. Multitudes of wineries, wine lovers, and spectators are joining him in the �cause�.

Aside from the free wine, �The Wine Whore� is attempting to change the way people view websites dedicated to wine and marketing in general. The idea for the site was sparked as Randy became discouraged with his boring corporate job. After being passed over for a promotion, losing 401k benefits, and just being sick of the nine to five grind, he decided to channel his creative energy into something he really enjoys, drinking wine. Sick of the monotony, Randy just �wants to change the way people see the world.�

He promises to create fun and honest tasting experiences allowing others to gain a down to earth understanding of what to expect if they were to try it themselves. In addition to reading about Randy�s journey for free wine, the site also includes interesting articles on wineries, fun facts, wise wines of the week, and wine news. Randy believes that just �so many wine reviews are the same� pretentious blabbering of black currant, cherry, vanilla, and leather. The repetition equates to spinning a wheel of smells rather than a description of how the wine really tastes.� Instead, this website sets out not just to focus on the wine, but on how wine changes the perception of life and living things.

(Excerpt from the press release entitled Changing the World One Bottle at a Time)

(Read more wine reviews and info at The Wine Whore)

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Fritzi said...

You go Randall! I love your blog, and you are a veritable plethora of information on all things wine! Keep it up!

Victoria said...

Congratulations! I always enjoy your posts!

joeshico said...

Congrats Randy.
If you have any problem tasting all of them, just let me know. Always willing to help!!

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