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�What color are your socks?� The unusual query stamped into their corks is just one illustration of how X Winery chooses not play by the rules. Advanced winemaking techniques from vine to consumer coupled with fruit from premium winegrowing regions allow X Winery to effectively produce wine worthy to be titled as �affordable luxury.�

The plush Paso Robles Petite Sirah from X Winery will transform your socks from ordinary white to purple with pleasure. Like its paradoxical classification, this wine is acidic yet plush and soft. The finish is full yet dry and well balanced. Overall these polar opposites convene optimally to create a balanced and delightful tasting experience.

Recommended Food Pairing:
Petite Sirah pairs well with any food with which you would normally pair a big red wine including mesquite grilled steak, roast duck, lamb, pot roast. I personally paired my purple X Petite Sirah socks with a bowl of spicy sesame chicken. The spice taunted the sweetness of the dish while accenting the refreshing acidity of the finish.

Vintage Info:
�Heavy winter rains were followed by a dry spring which allowed for an average crop to develop. Moderate summer temps produced fruit forard wines with bright aromas, complex flavors, and great acidity. The acidity and tannin structure will allow this wine to continue to improve with age and should drink well for the next 10 to 15 years.�

Vintage: 2006
Varietal: 85% Petite Sirah, 15% Syrah
Appellation: Templeton Gap - Paso Robles
Residual Sugar: <1 g/L
pH: 3.66
Production: 224 cases
Alcohol %: 14.5
Aging: 18 months in 50% French Oak, 50% American Oak, & 20% New Oak

Wine Whore Score:

This deep rich red sourced from the soothing night coolness of the Templeton Gap area exemplifies the best qualities of the Petite Sirah grape. The exceptional taste and affordable enjoyability boast this wine to a total score of 33 out of 40 points and an average score of 8.3 out of 10 points. Simply stated, X Winery hit the mark with this Petite Sirah.

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The Buddhist Conservative said...

I just tasted this Sunday. We attended the annual Rhone Ranger tasting in San Francisco this weekend and this was the first time I tasted X wines.

Petite syrah often is fairly one dimensional with big inky black fruit and tannin but not a lot of complexity. It has often been used to add color to lighter wines making them look richer.

This being said, made right, it is one of my favorite winter time wines. Now if I can just get rid of the purple teeth. :)


The Wine Whore said...

The purple teeth always give it away!

Thank you for the comments Roger.

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