Wine Whore Score = 7/10 Points (stats below)

This week�s Wise Wine of the Week is Jacob�s Creek Reserve Shiraz which sells for about $12/bottle. At this price, this Shiraz not only tastes great but is also readily available at most local supermarkets, wine/liquor stores, and restaurants.

Care, selection, and attention to detail distinguish the reserve vintage of Jacob�s Creek Shiraz from the rest. It begins with the full bodied base of the wine selected from �parcels of fruit with concentrated varietal flavours and fine tannin structure�. Its character is then enhanced by careful processes for de-stemming, fermenting, and regulating the temperature during the winemaking process. Such attention ensures adequate color, tannin and flavor extraction from the skins. The journey is not over since the wine still has to pass one more round of selection. Only those parcels which exhibit the most balanced characteristics are chosen to be incorporated in the final blend of Jacob�s Creek Reserve Shiraz.

Recommended Food Pairing:
As a full bodied wine rich in fruit flavors and tannins, Jacob�s Creek Reserve Shiraz pairs nicely with beef, duck, game, or lamb. Personally, I enjoy drinking this with a well seasoned beef steak generously seared on the grill. The sweet spice finish marries well with the rich flavors of the meat.

Vintage Info:
�Healthy canopy development followed by good flowering and fruit set was preceded by moderate winter and high spring rainfall. A warm dry summer and very hot January and February temperatures had the potential to create vine stress, however, this was reduced by good management in the vineyard, and fruit was well protected by the healthy canopies. The dry temperatures also reduced disease pressure. During the ripening period in autumn, cooler temperatures were experienced, allowing fruit to ripen evenly with good flavour concentration, colour and varietal expression. A true expression of Australian Shiraz, to be enjoyed now or which with careful cellaring will develop gracefully over the next ten years.�

Vintage: 2006
Varietal: Shiraz
Appellation: Australia
Sugar: N/A
Total Acid: 6.0g/L
pH: 3.53
Aging: French and American Oak for up to 18 months
Alcohol %: 14.3

Wine Whore Score:

Jacob�s Creek Reserve Shiraz offers great value as a well crafted yet low cost wine. Enjoyable, inexpensive, and easy to purchase, this wine comes in with a total of 28.5/40 points and an average score of 7/10.

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