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Wine Whore Review:

Dear fellow wine lovers, I need your help:

I will be attending a wine tasting party where everyone will bring 3 bottles that cost between $6 and $18 each before tax of their favorite wine:

1 bottle of red
1 bottle of white (chilled)
1 red or white (don�t chill)

We will be tasting one red and one white bottle from each person in attendance. The bottles will be wrapped (blind tasting) and everyone (except the host) will vote on which one they like the best. The participant who brought the winning bottle of wine gets to take ALL of the third bottles home.

As the Wine Whore, I really want to win all of the free wine� What should I bring?

If I choose your selection and win, I'll dedicate an entire post to the wine you suggested.

Stay tuned for the results and pictures of the tasting...

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Anonymous said...

I will suggest French Rabbit-Pinot Noir
$10 1 ltr. It is usually located in the "boxed" wine areas and is an outstanding wine.

Good luck and enjoy!
Marc Berrong, Baltimore, MD

George said...

Red: Red Guitar Navarra Tempranillo
White: Anakena Sauvignon Blanc
3rd Bottle: Mirrassou Pinot Noir

Vinogirl said...

Red: Mutt Lynch/Portrait of a Mutt Zinfandel
White: Farella-Park Sauvignon blanc
3rd: Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay (in a blind tasting, this freaks people out)

Shelly said...

For the red I would take a 2007 Root: 1 Carenet. I had the opportunity to drink this on my last trip home (to Mi). It's around $11 per bottle (but if your a BevMo club member you can get it now for $7.99)
My father is actually an International Wine Judge and this is one of his current favorites. A definite crowd pleaser.

Joe (joeshico) said...

Red: Carpineto "Dogajolo" 2006 or 07 - great super tuscan
White: Folie a Deux Menage a Trois (2006 prefered)
Red: Louis Jadot Beaujolais 2007
Normally I would slightly chill the Beaujolais, but 2 wks ago had at room temp and it was fantastic.

Wine said...

Oh, Monty, Monty, Monty ... so many to choose from! Door #1 no 3 no 2 no ... ohhhh my! Ok, so I guess I'd go with:
Red: 2007 J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet ($17)
White: 2007 Four Vines "NAKED" Chardonnay ($14)
And for the pot: 2006 or 2007 HRM Rex Goliath California Pinot Grigio ($9)

Ash Mehta said...

Margerum Sybarite Sauvignon Blanc. $19

Jon Webster said...


Red: El Molinet Valancia Red 2006/7 - $15ish - really overperforms for the money

White: Brassfield High Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2007 - $15ish - lovely, fresh, crowd pleaser

Bonus: Quattro Mani [toh-kai] 2007 - $12ish - exotic, intruiging white from the Italian/Slovenian border

Walid Romaya said...

I also suggest Root 1, see my tasting video: http://tinyurl.com/d9mr7x
Have fun!

Joan said...

Kim Crawford Sauv. Blanc 2007 $13

Yellow Tail Shiraz/Grenache

Anonymous said...

Shelly, what's a "Carenet"? I know Root:1 has a cabernet and a carmenere ... did you mean one of those?

Shelly said...

Yes, I meant to type Cabernet, lol.

Anonymous said...

Fransican cabernet

Alex Andrawes said...

Bring some...

Delas Cotes du Rhone 07 ($7.95 per bottle) - 90 pts by RP - RED

Cooper's Creek Marlbourough Riesling '07 - $12.99 in most stores.

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