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Great News! I just received a shipment of X Wine including the following California wine selections:

X Winery Lake County Sauvignon Blanc 2007
X Winery California Red X 2006
X Winery California X3 Cabernet 2006
X Winery Paso Robles Petite Sirah 2005

Check back soon for winery and wine reviews of these selections!

Also, very special thank you to Reed from X Wine for his kindness and support.

(Read more wine reviews and info at The Wine Whore)

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Shelly said...

Oooh. I'm jealous. I'll look forward to hearing your opinions on the Petite Sirah.
I should have a selection for you today or tomorrow. I'm making a trip to World Market. I don't have anyone sending me free wine...but I do have a gift card!

The Wine Whore said...

I am really excited to taste the Petite Sirah too! I want to try it tonight but haven't figured out what I want to eat with it.

Keep me posted on the selection and let me know if you have any pairing suggestions for the Petite Sirah. :)

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