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As a tribute to the amazing nectar contained in the small 375ml bottle, I present the following abridged review which is intended to be short and sweet, just like this wine.

Harvest Moon Russian River Valley Late Harvest Estate Zinfandel is made from the marvelous RRV grapes which are left on the vine for weeks longer. These grapes are only allowed �sips of water� torturing them into sweetness through dehydration. The suffering of these grapes produces a marvelous blend of sweet crimson zinfandel exhibiting the soft, tangy, and elegant signature the makes Harvest Moon memorable.

Recommended Food Pairing:
Chocolate covered strawberries. Alone.

Vintage Info:
�For those who exhibit patience with this wine, they'll be rewarded with a fully integrated (it smells like it tastes) dessert wine that will knock your guests' socks clean off. Otherwise, open and enjoy it while it's young and feisty.�

Vintage: 2008
Varietal: 100% Russian River Valley Late Harvest Estate Zinfandel
Appellation: Russian River Valley
Residual Sugar: 6%
pH: 3.32
Production: 900 cases
Alcohol %: 13

Wine Whore Score:

Harvest Moon RRV Late Harvest Estate Zinfandel will appease your sweet tooth while also offering that peppery kick that zinfandel fans crave. This after dinner treat comes in with a total of 30 out of 40 points and an average score of 7.5 out of 10 points. The magnificent affair of taste and decadence captured in this wine is both undeniable and unforgettable.

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Shelly said...

My parents enjoy dark chocolate covered oreos with their last sips of wine for dessert. I bet this one would go famously with them.

I've been to 3 grocery stores so far and have not found the Sebeka. I'm going to try a wine shop later in the week.

The Wine Whore said...

Good call! The only bad thing would be that I think I would end up eating the entire bag of oreos. :)

If you can't find the Sebeka at your local wine shop, let me know and revise the rating for availability.

Thank you again for your comments and support!

The Buddhist Conservative said...

For big red dessert wine, it's hard to beat a late harvest zin. Not too many wineries make one since it is risky to leave the grapes hanging long enough to make good wine. Gray rot and birds are the biggest issues.

Harvest Moon zin is worth buying.

I am not sure if you can find it in many places but Carol Shelton Winery also makes a great late harvest zin called Black Magic. Any of Carol's zins will knock your socks off.

Good review!

The Wine Whore said...

Great comments! It definitely takes a lot of patience and luck to make a good late harvest zin.

Thank you for the kudos! :)

Kort said...

Thanks for this review. Not enough word out there on the sweeter stuff. Wine from muscadine and scuppernong grapes can be excellent!

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