Fun Friday Wine Fact: The Rules of Corkage

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You may want to think twice before deciding to bring that bottle of wine from home to your favorite restaurant. Although you make think this is a creative way to save some cash when it comes to those inflated restaurant wine prices, there are some important rules you may want to read before you rush to grab that bottle of wine on your way out the door. While bringing your own special bottle from your collection can be a fun way of celebrating with friends and family, it is important to understand proper etiquette or else you could make an embarrassing and costly mistake.

Always follow these simple rules when bringing wine to a restaurant to avoid any surprise or embarrassment:

  • Call the restaurant in advance to verify that corkage is allowed.

  • Find out the exact corkage fee before arriving (most restaurants don�t charge over $20).

  • While some restaurants may waive the corkage fee you purchase an additional bottle, do not assume that this is always the case.

  • Try to bring something unique. Whatever your bring, make sure it is NOT on the wine list.

  • Offer the waiter and/or sommelier a taste of the wine you have brought once it is opened.

  • Keep in mind that a lot of restaurants offer their �regulars� a discount and sometime even waive any corkage fees.

  • Audience Participation:
    Have you recently brought a bottle to your favorite restaurant? If so, post a comment below about where you went, how much you paid to cork, and what you brought. Has anyone learned any corkage etiquette that I didn�t mention?

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    joeshico said...

    Good advice: I never take by own because I always like to try something new or know what is on wine list of favorite restaurants. I have seen someone bring in their own once, and argued over a corkage fee. Very rude!

    The Wine Whore said...

    I'm with you on this one. It is more fun to have the excuse to try something new.

    That is crazy that someone would even try to argue about the fee! Definitely not good etiquette.

    Thanks for the comments!

    ChefDave08 said...

    I bring a bottle all the time and never have a problem. Share with the wait-noid? Not usually, but if they are doing a great job & the wine is something new to them (it usually is). Then, sometimes, the fee is "forgotten."

    chefdk1953 said...

    ChefDave08, you need to get out of your kitchen and spend some time trying to do the job of that wait-noid you are belittling. I think you need to learn the golden rule! Always share a taste and expect to pay the fee. Chefdk1953

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