Wine Whore Score = 7/10 Points (stats below)

This week�s Wise Wine of the Week is Beringer Stone Cellars Pinot Grigio which sells for about $8/bottle. This wine is very easy to find at most local supermarkets, wine/liquor stores, and restaurants.

This wine has a lot of great fruit flavor for an inexpensive wine. It balances this sweet taste and smooth mouthfeel with a little bite on the finish. Overall this pinot grigio is very enjoyable and refreshing.

Recommended Food Pairing:
Beringer Stone Cellars Pinot Grigio pairs nicely with seafood, light pastas and cheese cracker combinations. Personally, I enjoy drinking this refreshing wine heavily chilled by itself during the day while relaxing in the sun.

Vintage Info:
�This wine showcases tropical, melon, honeysuckle and ruby grapefruit aromas and flavors and has a smooth mouthfeel and body. Without being too austere or flinty, it carries just a hint of minerality and bite of citrus to balance the core fruit.�

Vintage: 2005
Varietal: Pinot Grigio
Appellation: California
Sugar: N/A
Aging: N/A
Alcohol %: N/A

Wine Whore Score:

Beringer Stone Cellars Pinot Grigio is great as a low cost white wine. Since this wine is very enjoyable and easy to purchase it comes in with a total of 28 points and an average score of 7.

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