The Next Big Health Scare�

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Previously what was a concern for seafood lovers is now threatening to become an issue for wine drinkers. Heavy metals according to U.K. researchers are found to be present in red and white wines from most European nations at potentially dangerous doses. Using THQ�s or "target hazard quotients", levels of heavy metals were calculated for 15 countries in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Many of these countries had wines with higher levels of heavy metals than even found in seafood.

This discovery leaves scientists and researchers wondering how this will affect wine drinkers. While the occasional glass of wine isn�t poisonous, they are unsure about the affects of as much as a glass of wine a day. Depending on the type of metals found to be present, effects such as Parkinson�s disease could be possible. As more wine drinkers become aware of this issue, expect to see vineyards trying to remove these metals from their wine.

Personally, I am skeptical of these findings. While I may think twice about drinking wine in large quantities from areas like Hungary and Slovakia which had THQ values that were through the roof, I will not stop drinking wine regularly. Research studies are way too often flawed through bad methodology and conflicting research will undoubtedly emerge on this topic.

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