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So many wine reviews are the same� pretentious blabbering of black currant, cherry, vanilla, and leather. The repetition equates to spinning a wheel of smells rather than a description of how the wine really tastes.

Do these reviewers really enjoy the wine? Does it simply taste magnificent or are they just parroting some hoity-toity wine magazine review published months ago?

Wine tasting is an amazing sensory experience. Not only due to the dynamics of the wine but also from the dynamics of the person tasting it. We can�t forget that wine, like those of us who love to drink it, is a complex living thing that can not easily be summed up by culturally acceptable generalities.

This site and the text that define it will be different from all of the rest.

Instead of just focusing on the wine, focus on how the wine changes the perception of life and living things. Does it make you angry because you drank too much or does it make you happy or even excited to spend some time with a loved one or maybe even someone you just met? These are the stories that make life interesting.

Wine, blogs, and life are all the same... they require a catalyst to be brought into existence and begin their perpetual journey. If you believe in enjoying wine for what it truly is, spread the word about my site. If you are a winery or distributor that wants to get your name out, send me a message.

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Anonymous said...

The flavor is all in the experience.

streamliningprocesses said...

Look forward to your posts (and tweets) - do you review many non US wines?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried wines made from native Florida Muscadine grapes? San Sebastian winery makes a delicious red one called Vinters Red.

The Wine Whore said...

Haven't had the chance but would love it if they would indulge 'The Wine Whore' :)

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